Directed by: Matthew Saliba
Written by: Matthew Saliba
Produced by: Roberto Cialdella
Cinematography by: Mario Carangi
Editing by: Martin Gauthier
Special Effects by: Eric Thivierge
Cast: Kayden Rose, Martin Plouffe, John M. Thomas
Year: 2009
Country: Canada
Language: N/A
Color: Black and White
Runtime: 12 min 06 sec

Studio: Sinema Saliba
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Matthew Saliba's DARK LOTUS is the third and final entry in the "Sado-Erotic Trilogy", a series of films characterized by their unique use of still images to tell a story.

After the death of his wife, Dr. Orlof (John M. Thomas) attempts to grow himself a new lover (Kayden Rose) in the womb of his deceased beloved. Midway through the process, however, he is confronted by a mob of morally outraged villagers, who along with their leader (Martin Plouffe) brutally attack and murder the doctor. Satisfied with their efforts, the mob leaves without realizing that while they may have been successful in dispatching the good doctor, they failed to kill his experiment and as such, will learn the hard way that Hell hath no fury as a lover scorned!

DARK LOTUS is a sado-surreal film noir shot in sumptuous black-and-white and tinted blue to create a 1920s silent film aesthetic. The film stars Kayden Rose (the stunningly beautiful actress who played Morpho in VAMPYROS LESBOS), Martin Plouffe (legendary star of Izabel Grondin films such as CAVIAR and ASPIRALUX) and John M. Thomas (the iconic star of Saliba's earlier shorts, THE MANIPULATOR AND THE SUBSERVIENT and PANDORA'S PARADOX).

Since 2003, Matthew Saliba has been slowly building a name for himself as a filmmaker specializing in films which combine elements of sado-eroticism (which is to say the erotic representation of sadomasochistic imagery as opposed to the vulgar and pornographic fashion in which it's unfortunately presented in most films) and horror.

He has made five short films to date, all of which have screened the world over from the Netherlands to the nether regions of the Nevada desert winning festival prizes and praise from critics and audiences alike. They include: DARK LOTUS (2009), VAMPYROS LESBOS (2008), SHE WAS ASKING FOR IT (2007), PANDORA'S PARADOX (2004) and THE MANIPULATOR AND THE SUBSERVIENT (2003).

He's  very interested in subversive art, gender studies, sexual appropriation, sadomasochism, fetishism, surrealism and theatre of the absurd and these interests are very much reflected in his work in addition to very eclectic plots ranging from elderly women giving birth to giant toes to Saliba himself getting raped by cherry-red dildos!

On the off chance that he is not involved with filmmaking, he can sometimes be seen moonlighting as an actor, a fetish model, a part-time contributor to The Montreal Gazette, a playwright, a stand-up comedian, a gentleman and a gentle man.

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