Directed by: Peter James
Written by: Peter James, Alex Sabbagh
Produced by: Peter James, Andre Navarre, Alex Sabbagh, Martin Gauthier
Cinematography by: Andre Navarre
Editing by: Andre Navarre
Cast: James Harrington, Christina Sciortino, Brad Carmichael, Constantine Kourditis, Danay Cragaris, Cedric Keshishian, George Tsantrizos, Stephan Seale, Peter James
Year: 2009
Country: Canada
Language: English
Color: Black and White and Color
Runtime: 30 min 18 sec

Studio: Carpe Noctem Pictures
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Detectives Whale and  Karloff have an interesting case. Frankie and Mary have just turned themselves in for multiple murders. But this isn’t your average confession. An intense cat-and-mouse game ensues leading to a truth the detectives might not be able to handle. 


TARA award-winning Director Peter James returns to the crime genre with OCCAM’S RAZOR, the follow-up to his directorial debut NERVOUS. A Montreal native, 23 year-old Peter James is the youngest director involved in FRANKENSTEIN UNLIMITED. Working on projects in different capacities since the age of 16, James has honed his craft as a writer, director, producer and actor. He has worked as a director with local band OCTOBER SKY on two of their live shows and their music video HELL ISN’T MY HOME. He received a degree in Film/Video from Trebas Institute where he met frequent collaborator and MR. FLUFFENSTEIN director Martin Gauthier. “Buidling a family of collaboration is key. Surrounding yourself with people who make you look good.” says James, alluding to the fact that much of the NERVOUS. cast and crew returns here in OCCAM’S RAZOR, including award-winning cinematographer/editor Andre Navarre and stars James Harrington, Stephan Seale and Danay Cragaris. His Carpe Noctem Pictures company will continue making films and music videos for as long as there are people to enjoy them. 

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