Directed by: Martin Gauthier
Written by: Martin Gauthier
Produced by: Martin Gauthier, Peter James
Cinematography by: Mihailo Subotic
Editing by: Martin Gauthier
Special Effects by: Martin Gauthier, Peter James
Cast: Jasper Round, Brad Carmichael, Aimee Davison, Constantine Kourditis, Elizabeth Campbell, Stefan Bitar, Peter James
Year: 2009
Country: Canada
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 13 min 26 sec

Studio: Sexy/Mysterious Pictures
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Alice was saddened at the passing of her cat Mr. Fluffy, but being the genius she was, she decided to play God and bring him back. But now the neighbors' pets are turning up dead, could this be the work of Mr. Fluffenstein? 


Sexy/Mysterious Pictures' Martin Gauthier, a graduate of the Trebas Institute in Montreal, specialized in Film/Video where he also joined forces with Peter James. Gauthier has since gone on to work on numerous productions as a cinematographer (FLIRTING WITH THE OUTCOME, FAST LOVE), editor (VAMPYROS LESBOS, THE POWER OF YOGA: MIND, BODY & SOUL), and all-around creative collaborator with his continual work with Peter James & Canadian band OCTOBER SKY. In between all of this, Gauthier is a filmmaker in his own right and manages to stand out in FRANKENSTEIN UNLIMITED by writing, directing and producing the anthology's only comedy... and an absurd one at that! On top of his own directorial contribution, he also stands out as the only person to have worked on four of the six shorts for FRANKENSTEIN UNLIMITED in the form of editing Matthew Saliba's DARK LOTUS, assisting in the sound editing of King Wei's FLESH FOR KUNG FU and producing Peter James' OCCAM'S RAZOR.

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