Directed by: King-Wei Chu
Written by: King-Wei Chu
Produced by: Patty Keung, King-Wei Chu
Cinematography by: Chau Kwan Shing
Editing by: Eric Lavoie
Cast: Gordon Liu, Chow Keung
Year: 2009
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese with English sub-titles
Color: Color
Runtime: 4 min 44 sec

Studio: Clans of Intrigue Productions
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All over the world, Martial arts masters have been found murdered, horribly mutilated, and missing body parts. The perpetrator of these heinous acts (Chow Keung) challenges his Master (the legendary Gordon Liu) to a duel in which pride and principle are put to the test. Only one will survive!

King-Wei Chu is a Director and Producer based in Montreal. FLESH FOR KUNG FU is his first short film after several years hiatus as a Director. In that time he worked with other filmakers including award winner Anne MacDonald. For FLESH FOR KUNG FU, he travelled to Hong Kong for the production. In addition to filmmaking, he does stand up comedy and is a programmer and photographer for the prestigious Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal.

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