Directed by: Matthew Forbes
Written by
: Matthew Forbes
Produced by
: Roberto Cialdella, Matthew Forbes
Cinematography by
: Ian Macmillan
Editing by
: Trevor Aikman
Cast: John M. Thomas, Christophe Cecconi, Nicholas York, Joe Ollmann, Julie Belzile, Emily Tector
: 2009
: Canada
: English
: Color
: 8 min 13 sec

Studio: ForbesFilm
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Victor Frankenstein has been a good doctor all his life. When he found a way to create life from death he thought he would be celebrated. However, his community thinks otherwise and they turn on him and his creation. In VICTOR, we follow Dr. Frankenstein as he comes to terms with his ultimate life choice. With the help of some earthly and other-worldly locals he is forced to face the consequences of his decision. 

Matthew Forbes started making films in Grade 8 when he teamed up with a friend to shoot a seat of the pants, un-scripted slasher short in the friends backyard and basement. Later, in high school he took over his Film Arts class and wrote, produced, directed and starred in BELA LUGOSI'S DEAD, a short film based on the song of the same name. And then that was it for a while except for some kitchen table animation featuring his clean socks which cannibalized each other until there was only one red sock left.

It wasn’t until 2002 when Forbes found himself in the industry again but this time in front of the camera as a co-host of a TV show called COMPLETELY HAMMERED. Soon after, the spark to make films was re-ignited and Forbes found himself making a quick film about nothing at all and then his first real entry into semi-serious film-making, ALDO AND ELLIOT, the story of a man and a dog and an alley.

Using the momentum of ALDO AND ELLIOT Forbes then wrote and directed VICTOR, a film which takes him back to his horror roots and which is also included in the FRANKENSTEIN UNLIMITED collaboration with Matthew Saliba among other notable filmmakers in Montreal’s burgeoning Horror film industry.

Forbes is currently working on a feature film script, which takes place in the Parc-extension area of Montreal.
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